Blaster Box Bliss : 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

I was shopping at target the other day and came across 2 retail blaster boxes of 2007 Bowman draft picks and prospects that appeared to have been hidden behind a few dozen $9.99 Target 2008 Topps Blasters. I’m a huge fan of last year’s Bowman draft picks and prospects release. The only previous set of Bowman draft picks and prospects that even comes close to competing with the 07 release is the 2005 Bowman Chrome draft picks and prospects set. Since since the 2005 Bowman draft picks and prospects say he is now way out of my price range, 2007 is getting the lion’s share of my sports card money devoted to it. I like how the 2007 Bowman draft picks and prospects set includes Bowman chrome cards in the same packs as the regular Bowman cards. I think this adds to the long-term overall value of Bowman Chrome cards when they’re issued in this manner as opposed to in their own exclusive packs and boxes.

In any case, on to the breaks. The 1st Blaster Box yielded a good combination of prospects and rookies, but the key pulls were duds. The first was refractor card of Mike Rabelo (whoooopeee) that I already had (I’m trying to complete my set) and the other main pull was a game used jersey card of Saudi Arabian Slugger Craig Stansberry. Stansberry looks to be a utility player at the MLB level. Just on the shear strength of the rookie cards and prospects that I pulled, the box was still worth it, but I was hoping for an xfractor, auto, or something a bit better. My second 2007 Bowman Draft Blaster Box made this hope a reality.

Halfway through the 2nd box, I pulled a game used jersey card of Carlos Gonzalez. I was pretty happy with that, and assumed that I wouldn’t get anything else in the 2 remaining packs. The very next pack I opened appeared to contain a card that was different from any of the other packs I’d opened of 2007 Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft. My eye caught a glimpse of the serial # on the back of the card. I thought I saw /25 , which almost made me jump out of my chair. I pulled the card out and saw this looking back at me….

2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Ryan Pope Red Refractor Rookie Card, Serial #'ed /5

I think I gave Pat Neshek a run for his money on this one, especially considering I only opened blaster boxes, while he opened full size hobby boxes. Not to mention that he hadn’t even heard of prized Mets Prospect Fernando Martinez, which definitely costs him some more points:)

Now to check out another local Target to see if I can find any more of these 2007 Bowman Draft Blaster Boxes left. Hello Joba Chamerlain Red Refractor, here I come!


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Bowman Chrome Deal of the Day

I have to say that I am astonished that Dioner Navarro has not gotten much respect in the hobby yet. At the halfway point he is batting .310 and has had some clutch hits, all while playing solid defense behind home plate. His rookie cards can be found for really good prices at the moment. The deals are so good that even in the unlikely event that Navarro fizzles out and flops, there won’t be much money lost. My picks on the best Dioner Navarro rookie cards to invest in are as follows:

2004 Dioner Navarro Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Card. is this cool new site I just recently came across with some really great deals.  I used it to find and purchase this awesome Bowman Chrome Rookie Card for only $4.75:

2004 Dioner Navarro Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Card

2004 Dioner Navarro Bowman’s Best Autographed Rookie Card. I purchased this card via ebay for $3.79 :

2004 Dioner Navarro Bowman's Best Autographed Rookie Card

2004 Dioner Navarro Bowman's Best Autographed Rookie Card

2004 Dioner Navarro Topps Finest Autographed Rookie Card. I found this baby for $3.00 even on , you guessed it, ebay:

2004 Dioner Navarro Finest Autographed RC

2004 Dioner Navarro Finest Autographed RC

Very little risk, very good potential for return = a good opportunity. Happy hunting.

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Rich Harden Dealt To Cubs

Looks like the Cubbies have decided to step up in a big way and sign Oakland A’s Ace Rich Harden.  I think Harden is Cy Young Material and by moving to as well known franchise as the Chicago Cubs his hobby status could really be elevated.  Time to start snatching up his RC’s while you folks.  For my fellow Chrome  Junkies I recommend looking to buy a bulk lot of Harden’s 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card .  He was already steamrolling hitters in the far superior AL at a clip of 5-1 with a 2.34 earned-run average over 13 starts.  The move to the softer NL should help his numbers even more.

The low budget, but always savvy, Oakland A’s landed starting pitcher Sean Gallagher, outfielder Matt Murton, utilityman Eric Patterson and minor league catcher Josh Donaldson for the 26-year-old Harden,  and Chad Gaudin, who is 5-3 with a 3.69 ERA in 26 appearances.

I think the Cubs robbed the A’s in this one….

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Bowman Chrome The Choice Of MLB Players

I was think it’s pretty cool to read about athletes that collect sports cards. I guess it makes them seem more like “normal” people. Plus the concept is pretty cool because they have the opportunity on a daily basis to be in contact with, play dance, and maybe even have a locker next to some of the biggest prospects and superstars in professional sports. I liken it to a person whose greatest pleasure in life is to eat ice cream getting to work at the best ice cream store in the world where he is given the option of eating free ice cream everyday. I don’t know if I was in a position what I would do — I think all my teammates as well as players from the opposing team would get in the habit of avoiding me as a result my constantly asking for autographs.

One such case of a professional athlete collecting sports cards is Pat Neshek of the Minnesota Twins. If you haven’t heard of him you’re not alone, but I came across this article on regarding him being a collector. Care to guess what his favorite type of baseball card is? You guessed it, none other than Bowman Chrome! His favorite said is 2007 Bowman chrome baseball — which I cannot fault them for. Unlike some of the detractors out there I really liked the design of the 2007 Bowman Chrome baseball card set.

It seems that the thrill of picking up and investing in Bowman Chrome Prospects before they blow up his infectious even before the athletes themselves. Here’s a look you, at his box break of (2) 2007 Bowman chrome hobby boxes:

  • Jose Constanza Red Refractor #’ed / 5
  • Autograph refractor / 500 of Fernando Martinez
  • 68 Prospects base cards
  • Six green MLB rookie base cards
  • 50 MLB Base Cards
  • Two MLB rookie refractors with no numbers
  • Two numbered-to-500 regular refractors (M. Macdonald, T. Fairchild)
  • Two X-Fractor numbered-to-250s (Chien-Ming Wang, Carlos Fisher)
  • Two A-Rod HR cards
  • Eight Plain Refractor MLB base cards
  • Two X-Fractor numbered-to-250s (Chien-Ming Wang, Carlos Fisher)
  • Autographed Cedric Hunter

Not bad, I think anytime you pull a red refractor you can consider a break successful. Now I hope to have the same luck later tonight when I break a blaster box 2007 Bowman Chrome!

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Welcome To My Bowman Chrome Addiction!

I have been collecting sports cards for the last 16 years and finally decided to make the jump to blogging about it. As you might expect from the name of my site, Bowman Chrome Cards are the main focus of my collection. I hope to share my experiences with, and love of the hobby with others and appreciate you taking the time to check My Bowman Chrome Addiction!

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